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Five Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins this Fall

Fall and Halloween DIY pumpkin projects aren't just for the kids anymore. Make your home a haunted haven or chic fall wonderland with some of our favorite pumpkin DIY projects that are all grown up. That means less mess and more sophistication

Pumpkin Flower Crowns


Image from Good Housekeeping

Make your pumpkins the backdrop to gorgeous fall blooms. Paint your pumpkin a matte shade then either poke holes in it and add a sash of fresh flowers or poke faux flowers in for a longer lasting look. Go for a classic floral crown or consider arranging white buds into the shape of a skull or blooming full moon. 

Pumpkin Vases

Image from Good Housekeeping

Paint your pumpkin a favorite shade and simply cut out the top to fill your pumpkin up with your favorite goodies. Try fresh blooms for a gorgeous centerpiece. Candles, candy, mini pumpkins spray painted gold and even succulents look chic in the center.

Image from Brittni Mehlhoff on Instagram

Black and White and Lacey All Over

Image from Good Housekeeping

If bright orange and bold fall colors aren't your thing, try something more creepy and noir like classic black and white. Nothing says sexy/scary quite like black lace. Simply hot glue or mod lodge the lace to a matte pumpkin. Or add silver and black sequins and studs to a muted pumpkin for a minimalist look.

Image from Making Lemonade Blog

Image from Erika Bechtel on Instagram

Pumpkin Wreath

Image by Southern Living

Beckon visitors to your door with some festive fall cheer. Head to a craft store for a wreath form and pick up mini pumpkins (real or faux) from any local market or orchard. Keep them classic orange, mix varieties, or spray plant black or gold for a more luxe look.

 Go 3-D

Think beyond the pumpkin and get fanciful with simple details that have major impact. Add a flock of 3-D butterflies painted black. Or create a group of party pumpkins by adding textured masks. 

Image by Midwest Living



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