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How to Care for Your Boots in Winter

If you love wearing your leather boots all winter long, but hate the wear and tear from salt and snow, follow these tips to keep you boots in tip top shape. We love a good snow boot, but sometimes the occasion calls for something a little bit more fabulous, so here is how you can keep wearing your best boots all season long.

1. Air them out: Right when you kick your boots off at home, unzip and unsnap everything and then leave your boots to air out in a warm place (but not by a heater, the leather will crack). This allows the leather to breathe and ensures that no unsavory scents get trapped in from the moisture outside.

2. Preserve the boot shape: Boots can loose their shape with every wear, so stuff socks or newspaper into the toes to absorb excess sweat and to retain the proper shape. If you have a taller boot, make the investment in boot shaper to prevent the calf from flopping over and weakening. When storing, don't use a plastic bag. Instead use a fabric bag or a box with a loose lid.

3. Give them A Weekly Scrub: Cleaning your boots is so simply and can be relaxing too. For minor cleans, just use some water and a tooth brush. For cleaning salt stains, use a soft cloth and a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. For heavy duty dirt use a soft cloth and saddle soap which will condition the leather as you clean. Give them a quick dry and they'll shine like brand new. 

4. Don't Let Accidents Sit: Address scratches, scuffs and major messes on your boots immediately. The more these accidents sit on the leather, the harder they'll be to address later. Use water and baking soda to take on scuffs. If you are on-the-go, just use any soft damp cloth. 

5. Create a Protective Barrier: You can avoid many of these incident before hand if you use a protective spray. Many sprays feature both water-proofing and stain-proofing properties that will prevent most scuffs and salt/water build up. Spray your boots at the beginning of the season, after every cleaning, and before you store them. 


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