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How to Dazzle This Holiday Season

Cold weather doesn't just mean layers of scarves and sweaters--it means a chance to dazzle and slip into something truly special for all sorts of winter and holiday events. Snow balls. Holiday formals. Christmas galas. There are plenty reasons to celebrates and we have plenty of gorgeous looks to match. Our very own Judee's Jewels modeled some of our favorite 2016 holiday trends. 

Think in Lace 


Lace isn't just for summer sundresses. Lace looks downright luxurious and rich in this season's styles. The fabric takes on an opulent look when reimagined in rich hues, layers and designs. Unexpected hues and added sparkles makes lace perfect for everything from galas to more casual cocktail evenings. Keep the rest of your look simple since lace is typically a dominant style.


Now is the season to sparkle in your evening looks. This season’s looks are more about modern glamour and less about princess glimmer. A sparkly look in muted black is sophisticated. Rich midnight blues look like the night sky. Whatever dazzling look you choose, keep the rest of your ensemble to a minimum.

Holiday Hues


This may be a no-brainer, but dressing in holiday hues isn’t just for kids anymore. Red and green can be positively modern and chic reimagined with rich hues and bold cuts. . Plus, red and green look great on anyone and can brighten your whole look beyond basic black. And remember, there are so many shades of the two colors so don’t be afraid to experiment with a rich ruby hue or a pale olive green.

Go Bold

Cheers to the rule breakers this holiday season who know that more means more and that this no better season to go maximalist than the holidays. Rich velvet. Gold filigree. Dramatic ball gown skirts. Moody winter florals. Play with new silhouettes and unexpected details. Because there is nothing more gorgeous than a woman coming into her own. 

This holiday season, it's all about celebrating your own beauty. So forget the rules and wear something that makes you shine inside and out!



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