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Meet La Porte's New Manager: Brandy Bishop

We have a special treat for you this holiday season--an introduction to our wonderful new La Porte manager, Brandy Bishop. We sat down with Brandy to learn more about how she ended up at Judee’s and why she’s excited to lead the store.
Judee’s: Why did you decide to take the position here?
Brandy: I was born and raised in La Porte, and I love this community and the history of Judee’s. I have always loved fashion and wanted to work for a company that made fashion a priority along with an amazing client experience. I see potential for Judee's to grow, and I believe I am the right person to do it. I am so honored I was chosen!
Judee’s: Tell us a bit about your background.
Brandy: I have been in retail sales and management for 20 years. My first retail job was at Kmart as a cashier. I then worked for NineWest in Michigan City where I moved up to management. I continued managing with a photography company (Picture People) and learned a lot about building relationships with not only customers but with employees as well. I moved on to store manager with Ann Taylor/Loft and continued my career putting the client first and making fashion a priority. I realized that I love helping women build their wardrobe!
Judee’s: What do you like most about a store like Judee’s:
Brandy: I really love working one-on-one with the client. I believe that building a relationship and making a client feel her very best everyday are critical. Because what woman does not want to look and feel good in what she decides to wear every day or even for a special event!?
Judee’s: What are you most excited about?
Brandy:  I am excited to learn all the details and business aspects of a boutique. There is a great group of ladies that work for Judee's, and I am excited to get to know each of them. We carry some amazing designers, so I am eager to learn more about them. Most of all, I am really excited to meet all our existing customers and gain more along the way!
Judee’s: What is your favorite piece of clothing and your personal style?
Brandy: I love to stay up-to-date on the current trends, and my favorite piece changes with the season and mood, but if I had to choose it would be my long pocket black flyaway sweater, known as a boyfriend sweater. I love to create full outfits with unique pieces. Scarves and accessories are my favorite ways to finish outfits.

Judee’s: What is your favorite trend this season?
Brandy: I love a loose, comfy blouse with skinny pants, especially when paired with booties and topped off with a poncho. You can never sacrifice comfort for fashion these days.
Judee’s: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Brandy: Spend time with my husband and our two little girls. We are very busy with those two, but wouldn't have it any other way. We enjoy taking them to all of their activities, having dinner, doing homework and our favorite, having movie nights! I also make time for friends, shopping and pampering!
“I am looking forward to growing our Judee's business, excited to meet new people and give our clients the best experience. Creating outfits and building a wardrobe is a fun and exciting thing to do and can’t wait to share that experience with you.”
Stop into Judee’s La Porte sometime to meet Brandy and chat about your style!


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