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Our Mother of the Wedding Style Guide

At Judee's, our specialty has always been styling Mothers of the Bride and Groom. There is nothing we love more than making a mother feel beautiful on her child's special day. We've done it for years and have learned a lot along the way, so here is our style guide for Mother of the Wedding.

Rule 1: Make The Couple Happy

This is THE most important rule. No other rules matter when it comes to this. All rules and traditions can be set aside for the happy couple. Just go with it and enjoy. After all, weddings these days are all about personality and customization.

Rule 2: Be Comfortable

As you know, wedding days are long. They are long when you are a bride, but can be even longer when you are Mother of the Wedding. So while we encourage you to try on some new pieces and step outside of your comfort zone, at the end of the day walk away with something you can relax, dance and eat in.

Rule 3: Yes, You Can Wear Black

Like we said, there are very few rules today. Black used to be a no-no, but now it is hit at weddings, even in the summer. Other popular colors include rich neutrals like gray and navy, peacock colors, and metallics. Typically Mother of the Bride dresses match bridesmaid trends.

Rule 4: Think Through the Whole Weekend

Once you've found your dress for the big day, pause and think through the whole wedding weekend. Will you need a dress for the rehearsal dinner? For brunch the day after? For travel? Do you have all the accessories you need? Weddings are stressful enough, so knock out some of the crazy coordination and try a one-stop shopping trip. Let your look for the wedding set the tone for the rest of your wedding weekend wardrobe and check off all your boxes. 

Rule 5: Limit Your Entourage

Shopping is supposed to be fun and social, but sometimes too many people in the entourage can turn a day of styling into a day of stressed and mixed messages. Ten different people shopping means you'll have ten different opinions hurled your way. This can often be stressful and overwhelming. We recommend shopping alone or with the couple to kepe things sane and intimate.

Rule 6: Bride's Mom Shops First:

Typically it is still polite to have the Mother of the Bride pick out her dress first, but of course not required. Both Mothers can coordinate looks or go completely opposite. Once again, let the couple decide how they want both mothers to look.

Rule 7: Yes, Anything Goes

It's out with traditional and in with unique. Long or short, modest or sexy. Mother of the Wedding is no longer strained by rules. We've even had a mother purchase khakis and a turtleneck for her daughter's Colorado cabin wedding. 



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