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The History of Judee's & Some Haunted Guests

Fall is here and there is more than just great fall fashion in the air at Judee’s. There is a Halloween nip happening at Judee's La Porte. But let's start at the beginning...

Judee’s La Porte is located in a beautiful Victorian home in the center of downtown La Porte. Built in 1880 by Seth Eason, the home was originally a private residence until the 1930s when it was sold to the Cutler family and became a funeral home for decades. Then it sat vacant for two years before being purchased by Judee herself in 1995.

Some thought Judee made an interesting purchase at first and some even thought she was crazy. But she saw the beautiful home with it's 12-foot ceilings and burl oak stair cases, and she had a vision to fill it with gorgeous gowns, chic sportswear and stylish daywear like the city had never seen. The space was special, packed with historic architecture and the elegance of the past, when shopping wasn't a hurried chore but something to be lavished and enjoyed with a crystal glass of sparkling water. Judee transformed the "Queen Anne" into the stylish yet cozy boutique we know today.

But the rich, storied history doesn’t come without some visitors. Many of our sales associates have had some eerie encounters but have always felt that our ghost is a friendly, fashion-lover too. Once a door mysteriously slammed shut all its own and a weird feeling overcame a pair of employees. Another time a whole jar of marbles fell over with no explanation. 

Worry not, fair shopper, you won’t be bothered by pesky spirits while shopping at Judee’s La Porte, you’ll simply be reminded of the rich history of our town and admire elegant Mother of the Wedding dresses nestled in opulent 19th-century architecture. An 1893 La Porte newspaper article said of the building, “The reader may judge and what has already been said that this is indeed one of La Porte’s finest homes." And we couldn’t agree more.

Judee started her business from her home in 1985 with an idea that "the body is a blackboard upon which one draws with clothing and accessories to enhance natural lines, and bring body parts into proportion." Fast forward over 30 years later, and Judee's in La Porte has expanded to 6,200 square feet, a second brand-new Judee's opened in Granger, and Judee's now has a new owner, Deb Cafiero. That's once chic legacy. 




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