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What To Remember This Holiday Seasons

Can you believe the holiday season is already around the corner? Thanksgiving is just weeks ahead then comes Christmas then comes New Year's. That means plenty of craziness and a non-stop rush of food, fashion, family and shopping. As you gear up for the season, here are five things to keep in mind for the holidays.


1. Buy Thoughtfully: Come December you can be drowning in gifts and random items you brought on sale. Keep organized and thoughtful by making a spreadsheet now of everyone you need a gift for and what price you are willing to spend. Then spend time searching for quality gifts, because there is no better season to focus on quality over quantity. Buy something made with purpose and meaning.

2. Pick Out All of Your Outfits Ahead: Write down all of your holiday events, even if it is just Thanksgiving dinner at your place. Then assemble your outfits, even if it's weeks in advance. That way you know if you need to go shopping for some fun new holiday items and can get beat the mad shopping rush. Also, with fifty other things going through your head, having beautiful outfits ready will make you breath easy. 

3. Buy Local: Nothing brings holiday cheer to both you and your community like shopping local. You can find special little treasures all over town, from chocolates to gifts to chic sweaters, that are totally unique from big box stores.

4.Take Photos: With technology, the simple act of snapping plenty of candids or video at holiday events has oddly enough fallen by the wayside. Now people tend to take one or two social media ready photos and forget about all of the funny, not-so-perfect shots that capture the day and create memories.

5. Take Some Me-Time: Don't rush around and forget to celebrate yourself or you'll end up overextended and exhausted. Take time to invest in you with little spa nights, a good book or even a fun workout class. Make these moments holiday-stress free by unplugging and not letting yourself think OR talk about all you have to do.


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