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Why Customer Service is So Important in Retail [Infographic]

Just a little proof about why customer service is so important in retail today. A company can have great prices and a great product, but at the end of the day it is all about the people. After all, we all have those terrible retail nightmares of the sales lady who made us feel bad about ourselves or the ridiculous $15 dollar shipping. Shopping is supposed to be a positive experience, and customer service is what gets us there.  
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Welcome to The Judee's Blog

Welcome to the Judee's Blog. A new place where I'll discuss everything about living your most full, stylish and fabulous life in the Midwest. At Judee's in La Porte in Granger, we are dedicated to style, but also so much more. That's why we wanted to connect with our shoppers in this whole new way. 

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