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Winter Trends 2017

Happy New Year! As we all know, winter is in full swing, which means your closet is stuffed full of sweaters, coats and all other cold-weather clothing. But don't be shy to add these chic pieces to you wardrobe this season, because they hit on the Winter 2017 Trends. 

Ski Jackets: Sporty looks and athleisure has been everywhere, from runways to street style. A chic ski jacket is a low key way to get in on the trend that is still practical. Look for cozy styles in fun colors or with playful fur detailing. 

Turtlenecks Under Dresses: We all know that nothing can save your style in the winter quite like layering. Give your dresses new life this winter and layer with a turtleneck. This style combo works with both winter and summer dresses and is great for the office. Look for slimmer turtlenecks.

Faux Fur: Fur and faux fur are coming back in new inventive ways. Fun colors, shapes and locations were all over the runways, but classic faux fur is still just as stylish and more accessible for your everyday wardrobe. The best part? Warmth of course. 

Velvet: No longer just for the 1800s, velvet has been reimagined this season into all looks--both formal and casual. Demure, sexy and luxe, velvet is an easy way to instantly elevate your look. Incorporate it into your wardrobe into subtle, modern ways.

Animal Print: Whether it's classic or wild, animal print is everywhere and we couldn't love the look any more. It is feminine, fierce and acts as a more exciting neutral in your wardrobe. Go bold with an all animal print coat, or keep it subtle with a bag of scarf. 

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Our Style New Year's Resolutions

New Years is just around the corner and has us thinking of all our 2017 style resolutions. Whether your style is shy or bold, don't be scared to shake it up and try something new in 2017. 

1. We resolve to get dressed up every day: Style has a way of affecting your entire mood and energy. If you dress up, your energy will be up. Don't get lazy and take the time to put your best face forward every single day. You owe it to yourself.

2. We resolve to not get stuck in a rut: We want to assess our closets, get rid of all the pieces we don't love, celebrate the pieces we adore and fill in the gaps with smart purchases. Don't shop blindly and don't get stuck in a rut. Find the wardrobe of your dream.

3. We resolve to try something new every season: We will never be a slave to trends, but there is something to be said for trying one new style or piece each season. We bet that you can afford to step outside of your comfort zone four times a year, and we bet you'll find something new to love. We are eyeing all velvet for winter. 

4. We resolve to take care of our clothes: Stop leaving clothes on the floor, stuffing drawers haphazardly, using broken hangers, never cleaning shoes. Take a little extra time to care for your clothes and show them appreciation for all that they do for you. We'll bet you that you'll stand a little taller and your clothes will last a little longer. 

5. We resolve to follow our own rules: Listen to your own style heartbeat. Sure we can keep up-to-date on trends and fashion news, but remember there are no rules when it comes to personal style and this year we'll go all out. Get that crazy haircut. Wear all black every single day. Do whatever suits you and never apologize. 


Happy 2017!

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